Beauty Product Reviews

Read ME!

I rated this product an average simply because of the price. When you buy it in that package it can retail anywhere from about 25-30 dollars. I found and bought them separately for less than 4 bucks each and they were the exact size! The 'trial size' (the ones sold separately) retail for 4.99 each which still makes it half the price of them packaging it together! Be on the lookout but other than that its a very nice product and doesnt break me out!

Great makeup remover!

This is by far one of the best drugstore makeup removers ever! It's called a Gel foaming Cleanser and it says to remove impurities and gently exfoliates and I can honestly agree. My face always feels so smooth after I use it and literally there is not a trace of makeup left on after I use this! GREAT PRODUCT!


Def a must have! One of the best out there. I say that because its def black, it stays on and I also have no problem removing it! Also its very reasonable priced considering that some a more pricey than this one! I've tried the drugstore brands and they dry out before I can even finish half of the jar whereas this fluidline I had down to the nitty gritty lol


this ish riiiight hurrr .... Lol this is such a great product! I saw it at target for 13.99 and I had a two dollar coupon! Anyways I heard a lot of great things about bb creams but when it comes to things like facial care I'm usual skeptical but I seriously debated about 30 mins at target on if I should get this or not and I am so glad I decided to give it a try! No lie, after just one day my complextion looked a lot more even and brighter! I thought it couldn't be and decided to give myself an excuse and say that it was my beauty sleep but for the past week my complextion is super good looking I couldn't be happier! Love this product! I am apprx a NC42-44 right now and I use this product in medium deep

Love it!

I freaking love paint pots! My favorite was/is soft ochre! I have combination skin but at the end of the day if I dont use a primer my eyeshadow will crease super badly, whenever I used a paint pot I wouldn't always use a primer and my eyeshadow didn't move not one bit! Great product!

Love this product!!

after being pregnant and seeing all the things that take a toll on your body I wanted to make sure I took care of myself afterwards. I recently stopped my hair shedding but it was so intense that it made me relaize that I need to take better care of my hair, I bought this and I rub it on my scalp and apply most of it to my ends after a shower and towel dry my hair. Omg when it dries my hair literally is so silky it just slips outs of my pony tails! Love it!