Beauty Product Reviews

You have glitter? You NEED Glitter Glue

I'm a pro MUA, and sometimes my clients just need a super sparkly look. Before owning my Glitter Glue, trying to put sparkles on people's faces made a MESS and the glitter would always fall on their cheeks and not look all too nice, clumping in some areas, and not applying at all in others. I take a smidge of Too Faced Glitter Glue, and with a small brush I mix it with the glitter on a palette or tray and then apply it to the lid. It STAYS! And there is NO fallout. It applies evenly and allows for all the glamour of a glittery eye without the mess that usually comes along with it!

Want A Heavy Black Liner? Look No Further

EVERYONE asks me why my waterline in my pics is SO BLACK. Well, here is why. This smokey black liner is where it's at. It glides on so smoothly, and if you line your upper and lower waterlines, it will last quite a while. The intensity of the color is perfection for me. I recommend it!

If you're a pro, you NEED this brush

I'm not sure how many of you tightline your clients when asked for a more natural look. In fact, I'm sure many/most of you don't know what tightlining is (please just google it, because you SHOULD know). But if you do, or do now that I mentioned it, then you NEED this brush for it. I've never used anything better. Angled brushes don't cut it for this technique, and pin tip brushes are too pointy and if you don't hold it on the right angle, you'll poke your client's eye out. This synthetic brush holds its shape FOREVER, has the perfect edge to get in with the best precision. Hands down, my fave :) PS, I use it with Make Up For Ever's Aqua Black, which I've also "liked" here on Beautylish

A worthy buy

So much color, plenty of product, beautiful blendability. They're great combined (I have a few colors), or alone, they pack on well. You'll need some Shadow Shields, etc, since there's a ton of fallout, but they're perfect little pots of powdered paint. I use them also with mixing mediums to create bold colors for painting as well. Love them.