Beauty Product Reviews

Tastes great and works so well!

I have the Cherry Soda and Root Beer ones. Not only do they smell and taste just like their names, they actually make your lips feel soft and smooth. I'm definitely buying more. I love that I can apply it and not need water to remove it .


I get complements on this bag all the time. I decided to make this pretty bag into a purse by attaching a strap. I'm going to definitely get the pink one, then the blue one, then the red.... 😃💕😘

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In love ❤

Such a pretty, customizable palette. Once it's filled with shadows it has a good weight to it. And I guarantee you will not find anything like it in a store. It's truly unique and so beautiful. I attached a black tassel to the clip at the back, you can also attach special Anna Sui makeup brushes to it, to use with the palette. Hopefully Beautylish will have some of those for us to purchase in the future ❤

Stunning and Classy

This case is beautiful, and best of all it's perfect for my growing Anna Sui collection. The design on the top is very pretty. Anna Sui makes such elegant looking cases. If your thinking of buying this you should, I guarantee you won't be disappointed 💕


I'm in love with this eyehadow. The color is perfect , very pigmented and goes on with a litte shimmer to it. It stays on too! The design is so pretty, it really stands out. Also the shadow has a very lovely smell too. I'm ordering more to fill the palette ❤