Beauty Product Reviews

Cant live without it!

Speaking as a massive Nail Polish addict! I would cry if this was to ever be taken away from me! There is nothing else like it! It dries in super speed and the finish is phenomenal! Goes on in a thick coat and it looks so good, u'd think it was still wet, but then u go to touch it and its bone dry AND still manages to stay incredibly shiney! It smooths out a badly applied manicure aswell! hides a multitude of sins! Just simply brilliant! I use it for all my nail designs!

Good consistency and easy to apply

I'm a polish addict, Topshop nail polish works surprisingly well! The polish was easy to apply and dried quickly. I love their selection of colours too! Young and Vibrant with lot of choices!

True to colour, great size, thumbs up!

This is a lovely lipstick, the finish is nice, the packaging looks good and the colour pay off is fantastic and stays true to colour! Very good for the price it is! Definitely would recommend it!

Smooth, intense and vibrant colour!

I love my illamasqua lipstick in 'over! I always get a compliment when I wear it! It's bright! Very Bright! But not in an over powering way! Its really pretty Coral orange with a subtle tinge of Pink. Just amazing and very unusual! I love it! I wear mine to brighten up my mood, works everytime!


I have these in the Pink and the Green! They're really cute! bit weird to use at first because its so round you don't really know what to do with it, but you get used to it and it's just adorable! They smell nice and it works well as lip conditioner. Nothing bad to say about it except I want all the colours! Oh and I dont know what I'm going to do once I wear off all the top? I guess I'll have to go in with my fingers at that point then :)