Beauty Product Reviews

MAC is one of the only lipstick brands that I trust. I know that they will never let me down. I can always depend on a pigmented and quality product whenever I buy from MAC. The lipsticks are my favorite!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the brown pigment in this package. I can use this color for my eyes,brows and contouring. I have looked high and low and have not found a dupe for this color yet. The pink color is not all the shabby either. Great on my complexion. Good product for a store brand.

This was another one of my 1st makeup products EVER! They are always at the Dollar store. You get a lot of product for the price, and they last forever. This is my go to and one of the only products that I have continued to use from my adolescence.The product has great pigmentation. My only complaints would be that there is fall out with this product and the packaging is cheap . But HEY! You get what you pay for ! Good cheap product! (:

I just got this product for under $3.00!!! This was well worth the price! I agree with the previous comment that there can be fall out . But all in all its a great product for a store brand. I apply my color over another black shadow with a base of course. Stays on all day. Absolutely love the shimmer.

Awww! This was one of my 1st makeup palettes! Great for a teenager that you dont want packing it on! I recently bought the purple palette and I wasnt all that impressed.The product is good for someone who likes a natural to light coverage , I prefer something more pigmented. Not a bad product though. The price has raised a bit, one of the higher end drugstore products.

Not so much :/

This product was NOT one of NYX's greatest moments...I bought 3 or 4 palettes (there was a sale @ my local Ulta). Long story short I ended up giving them to my daughter. The product was very greasy and the shimmer was minimum. She plays with these shimmers and they come right off within the hour. Fine by me shes 5 and it wasnt a total loss because my baby can have fun. (: