Beauty Product Reviews

quick and easy

I love this foundation for when im in a pinch. I have red patches on my skin and this coverage is just enough to cover that without going overboard. It is defiantly a light to medium coverage and kinda takes a lot of product to cover my face, but the texture it gives is well worth it!

Very Dramatic!

I love this mascara, its super black, defiantly lengthens my lashes, and looks great everytime. My only down fault is that until youve used it for a while the brush gets way to much product on it. It might just me my tube, but the thing thats suppose to scrape off excess product is not thick enough so for now im wiping product off

Go-to foundation!

This foundation gives me the long lasting requirement that i have been looking for, I have wore this foundation through work(i work with kids inside and outdoors in AL), hanging out with friends and then off to a trip at the gym. After all that wear on my foundation it still wears strong. I dont think i will ever change my foundation!!