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Colorstay Mineral Mousse Makeup


Jasmine V.
quick and easy

I love this foundation for when im in a pinch. I have red patches on my skin and this coverage is just enough to cover that without going overboard. It is defiantly a light to medium coverage and kinda takes a lot of product to cover my face, but the texture it gives is well worth it!

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Amanda B.
love it

This foundation is awesome and I love that its revlon a drug store brand.(it is really hard to find matte foundation in drug stores around me) Its not expensive goes on feeling light. I hate heavy foundation. Covers wonderful. Yhis is what I sarted out my makeup kit with and I havent seen a face texture or tone this doesnt work on

Corinne T.
this stuff is pretty cool ;)

This foundation is awesome!! I use it as my everyday foundation because I love the natural look it gives me. It leaves me with a soft matte finish that feels extremely light. I was previously using the Revlon Colorstay Foundation for combination/oily skin. Although I really liked that foundation, it was a bit too heavy and I couldn't seem to find my right shade. It also had an unpleasant smell and was hard to blend. However, because the mousse mineral foundation gives light/medum coverage, sometimes i mix it with the originally colorstay formula when i want a fuller coverage. This makeup is easy to blend and leaves a gorgeous finish, especially when applied with a stippling brush. I love this foundation! :D


Nina S.
Great coverage, but more important BEST eyeshadow primer EVER!

I used to use this when I was bartending because it REALLY covers well, has a nice finish, and doesn't budge. It lasted all night, even when I was working my butt off. I never wanted to "waste" my high end foundations when I was behind the bar, because no one is ever close enough to notice the difference. One day I was in a huge rush to get to work and I used it on my eyelids and just threw my eyeshadow over it without using a primer. When I got home from my 9 hour shift, I noticed that my eyeshadow did not even kind of budge. It was in perfect place, like I just did it! From that point on, I've been using this as my eyeshadow primer. I like it even better than Urban Decay's primer potion because it acts as a concealer and primer in one, and its an OUNCE for what, 10 bucks? I've literally been using it for about 3 years now, and I plan on purchasing it again when I run out.

Alyson T.
Love It

This foundation is great to use when your in a rush or your being lazy (lol). The formula goes on smooth and the finish is matte but not super matte. I get the best coverage when I apply with my finger and sheer it out with a moist sponge or beauty blender.

Minjee Y.

This is one of the first drug store foundations I used. I bought it because it is supposed to be long lasting/wearing and it was supposed to be light because of the mousse texture.

The way it feels being put on is very light which is a good thing. The color I got (I forgot the name of it) was too light for my skin. When I took pictures with this it gave me a weird look to my face, almost a white cast.

My skin type is dry to very dry skin so this was just not right for me to wear. It was too drying for my skin and the only thing I liked about it was that it was a mousse foundation so it felt light.