Beauty Product Reviews

An ok product

So im glad i only bought one of these wet n wild lipsticks because even thou its good to have spf in it the texture is not the best in my opinion. Color payoff is ok but again not the best

So Elf is one of my favourite makeup brands and i love almost everything from them. With there Clarifying Pressed Powder Spice (tone 3) i use this to set my tinted moistrizer or just to blot with when im on the go. Its not the best powder in the world but for $1 it does the job and more. It can also be used as a transitional color when doing an eye makeup so the uses are not limited

Inglot Lipstick Rounds/ A must try

I have the ten pan palette for the lipstick rounds and these lipsticks are rich in colour and texture. They retail for about $4 or $5 i believe and for the price these are beyond excellent products.My favourite color or pan number would have to be #36 which is a rich pastel lilac or pastel color and it is great for the summer time but i wear it all year round. I cant wait to acquire more of these products as they are lovely.