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Freedom System Lipstick Round

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Yannika S.
Inglot Lipstick Rounds/ A must try

I have the ten pan palette for the lipstick rounds and these lipsticks are rich in colour and texture. They retail for about $4 or $5 i believe and for the price these are beyond excellent products.My favourite color or pan number would have to be #36 which is a rich pastel lilac or pastel color and it is great for the summer time but i wear it all year round. I cant wait to acquire more of these products as they are lovely.

Bec S.
Love Inglot lip colors!

I bought a five color palette just to try it out and it has become my favorite thing to wear on my lips. It feels really light, the colors are amazing and the berry scent always makes me happy. I selected a few salmon-y pink colors, a fuschia and a red with some sparkle in it. I also picked a green that I think is for concealing but I wanted it to use as a lip color base for some of my brighter colors. I can't wait to get more colors.

Joshua R B.
to die for

So I have had the pleasure of being introduced to this awesome brand by my cosmetology club instructor. To start off, this brand has really gotten makeup down to a science, literally, the products are hightech and the pigments are out of this world. Although I had the pleasure of trying their blacklight lipgloss, and one of their tubed lipsticks, I have not had the pleasure of trying the freedom palette lipstick rounds. However, at fashion week I was hanging around the Inglot artists before Stacey Igler's show. I offered to color a lady's lips ( she was waiting for her friend's makeup to be done), she accepted and the lipstick honestly was breathtaking, it was creamy, and went on true to the skin ( so I did take the route of using 3 colors to add real dimension to the lip). The freedom palettes are so innovative, who wants to buy a palette with like only 2 or 3 colors they like and don't like? Not to mention the packaging, the palette is black with a translucent magnetic sheet to cover it. And one of the best things of all, they are inexpensive!

Vivian L.
Great color pay-off

Inglot's lipstick rounds are fantastic! I bought five of them during a trip to the store, mostly in nude and pink shades. I was a bit skeptical - I like my lip colors in tubes - but these are brilliant.

Color payoff is top-notch. Creamy texture, blends easily and it has a lovely berry scent. My lips get dry very often, so they flaked a bit with the color on. Nothing a good lipscrub and lipbalm beforehand can't fix.

I apply this with a lip brush and use it to line my lips too before filling it in. I have yet to try mixing the colors I have, but so far, I'm extremely pleased with the buy. Inglot rarely disappoints!

Stacey T.
Great pigment but quite drying

I bought one of these palettes recently for my kit, i love how compact and convienent it is. The packaging is unique and looks very professional. Also the price is very good value. The colours themselves are highly pigmented and creamy, however i find they can be quite drying on the lips and need a lip primer or a balm underneath to keep moisture in the lips. I would recommend this palette to any MUA, especially when working freelance.