Beauty Product Reviews

Yummy Lip Scrub!

This lip scrub is amazing! Smells and tastes like Snow Fairy shower gel which is my favourite Lush product! Got this for Christmas and couldn't be happier! With all this cold weather it's great at keeping your lips super soft and chap-free! Gorgeous!

The BEST Neutral Palette!

Finally I own the Naked Palette! Got it for Christmas and it's all I've been using since! Such a wonderful array of shimmery and matte neutral shades, my favourite being half-baked. This palette is a must have for every girl!


These lip balms are brilliant! Heard about them through YouTube as they aren't sold in the UK. I now own 3: strawberry sorbet, passionfruit and summer fruits. All my friends are like wow they're so cute as they've never seen them before. They're super moisturising and taste and smell amazing! The packaging is so cute, I love the egg shape! Overall just amazing! :D