Beauty Product Reviews

Total MISS! :/

I was very disappointed in this brush. I was so excited to get it and when I finally received it all the bristles started falling out after my 1st use & the ferule was loose and now completely fell out. I've never had any problems with ELF brushes so I was very upset.

The best out there!

This is the best primer i've found so far! I use this for eyeshadow & for when I color in my brows. It lasts all day! I love it. The bottle lasts quite a while as well.

The BEST foundation brush EVER!

I have been using this brush for over a year already. The bristles don't break, its still in tact, soft & works perfectly. This brush is absolutely fantastic & I recommend it to everyone. It leaves a flawless, airbrushed look. I won't ever use a different brush... I'm hooked :) (i meant to choose all 5 stars, it wouldnt let me change it. Boo)