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I bought this at IMATS in NYC this past April and I use it almost every time I wear makeup. The texture is almost like... fluffy? I really like it. It dries super fast so there is no worries of smudging. I've even used it on top of black eyeshadow and it covered really well. I use it on my waterline and my inner corner to create that "open" look because it really compliments my round eyes. It stays on my waterline all day. even on those days where my eyes water a little more than usual. Love!


I received this gorgeous liquid lipstick as a free sample from with my last order. The texture is so smooth, and it smells AMAZING! Just imagine the scent of vanilla cake batter.The pigmentation is flawless as well. I've used it a couple times in eye looks because it dries and stays put really easily. The sample size is actually a lot bigger than I expected. When the glass tube that I have now runs out, I will definitely be purchasing a full sized one.

  • W10
The only foundation I'll ever use

I've been using MAC Full Coverage in W10 for almost a year now and it's still my favorite foundation. It's really creamy and smooth and has amazing coverage. It's thick but doesn't feel like you're wearing greasepaint, I never even know it's there! I set with loose Coty powder from the drug store and they are a match made in Heaven. I never use a concealer with it unless I'm contouring with foundations. It blends flawlessly with the two other foundations I use to highlight and contour when I use a stippling brush. And it lasts forever!

My favorite lashes!

I own tons of false lashes from so many different brands, but I always end up using the Red Cherry #101. They give me the length and thickness I desire without weighing me down or covering my eyeshadow. They're perfect with any look whether it's some winged liner and some brown in the crease or a huge colorful cut crease. Also, these lashes last FOREVER! The last time I purchased some, I bought 3 pairs and I'm still on the second pair and that was last summer. LOVE these lashes. Wearing them in this photo.


My favorite looks include this perfectly pigmented bright green shadow! It blends flawlessly,is never chalky, and is a bright or as subtle as you want it to be! So little product is needed to achieve perfect coveage as well. Sugarpill will NEVER let you down!


Before I found Tako I could never find something matte and bright enough for my brow highlight. I love bright white highlights, but Gesso by Mac just wasn't doing the job unless I used half the pan in one sitting. With Tako I barely need to get any on my brush and it's as bright as can be. Also it's super blendable, just like all of the Sugarpill colors. It can be as subtle or as extreme as you want it to be!