Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

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Ana D.
The Perfect Shade of Red for ALL Skin Tones!

I saw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing Stila Liquid Lipstick in the shade "Beso," so I bought Stila Liquid Lipstick in the shade "Beso." Seriously tho, this is an amazing color and the perfect shade of red. I apply in the morning and then again after lunch! I don't have to reapply when I am out getting drinks with friends (unless we be snacking). Stays on great! The smell is great too.

Johanna R.
Best Liquid LipStick (Wearing it on my pic)

OMG I bought this a little late I wish I would have discovered it earlier! Very pigmented and does NOT dry your lips out. Does not transfer too much and stayed put after I ate a greasy pizza (carefully). This color is absolutely gorgeous and hands down my favorite red (I own about 28 shades of red so that says a lot lol). A must buy, do not hesitate, you will love the formula!

Caitlin Jasmine Solla E.
If you don't use it on your lips use it on your lids!
Photo of product included with review by Caitlin Jasmine Solla E.

I got the liquid lip in the shade 'Beso' but I'm not really a red lipstick typa of gal so I just use it on my eyes. The formula is pretty good stays on long and smells great but the only thing is you need a lip balm before you apply it.

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Kirsten  C.

seriously lipstick doesnt get better than this stuff. its amazing and it seriously stays on all day through eating drinking kissing;) its awesome. however i did wear it for some many days straight my lips started to dry out a little... BUT NO BIG DEAL i put on a little chapstick before applying the lipstick and its the perfect moisture for my lips and still continues to stay on. all the wand is perfect for an easy application and this stuff doesnt feather! its worth every penny and once you try it you wont go back to any other lipstick.

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Jenna E.
Love it, great staying power

This lipstick is amazing. It stays on for hours. It's very pigmented and dries quickly once on, so be careful putting it on. I got it in Beso, which is a beautiful red-orangish color (not a lot of orange so don't be scared). I definitely recommend it. It's a bit pricy but will last you a long time so worth it.

Kristina H.
Not as impressive as I would have hoped for!

So, to be fair, I am not into long wear lipstick. Mainly because I know it will have issues with dryness, flakiness and cracking. The colors are BEAUTIFUL. STUNNING. OPAQUE! Also, they smell fantastic. The downside is that it performs like all long wear lipstick. Flaking was the first problem, then it felt too dry, and had minimal cracking after a few hours. Not sure if it is worth the price.. just wish it didn't have the same ol' problems that I run into with all of these types of lipsticks.

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Gina P.

I received this gorgeous liquid lipstick as a free sample from with my last order. The texture is so smooth, and it smells AMAZING! Just imagine the scent of vanilla cake batter.The pigmentation is flawless as well. I've used it a couple times in eye looks because it dries and stays put really easily. The sample size is actually a lot bigger than I expected. When the glass tube that I have now runs out, I will definitely be purchasing a full sized one.