Futilities M.

Location: USA

How to enhance your asian monolid eyes? Everything is here!

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About Me

Hi, I love being a woman and I use whatever is possible to feel good about myself, but what I like most is to have fun with girly things and express my creativity with my own style, I always try to create something artistic because I love photography and Art!!! I'm not a professional, it's just the way I do things. I am in the beauty community to help monolid girls because it is so difficult to find tutorials and good tips for us! I have lots of experience to share and love to discover new things!

I love to make makeup tutorials & reviews!

My greatest passions: Travel, Photography and Art

Other places to find me: Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Futilit... My blog: http://www.futilitiesandmore.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/futilitiesmore

My makeup brushes: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=1... Jewelry: http://jmnt.me/pOM3uy T-shirts : http://stylmnt.me/zGq9oW Glossybox : http://bit.ly/L7oVrK Tarte cosmetics : http://tartecosmetics.com/raf/click... Zoya Nail polishes : https://www.artofbeauty.com/rd/F173... Julep Nail polishes : http://julep.com/?r=17626021 Birchbox: http://www.birchbox.com?raf=4lj7n Shoes: http://bit.ly/vrzOYd Affordable designer fashion & beauty products : http://bit.ly/invitation_for_design...

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Warm
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Dry




My ethnicity: Korean
I have a strong accent because I am French!