Beauty Product Reviews

I am in love with this product. It is perfect for the humid weather here in Barbados. I was doubtful about the boasted cooling technology in the formula; but it really works! It is not hype its truth. This setting spray for the win <3

I have to say I have tried and loved all the collections in the SSS Mineral Gems series! But the stars of all the collections are the gelled body oils. They are not messy (because they are a gel as opposed to liquid), they absorb really well into your skin whether damp or dry. Your pores never feel clogged and your skin never feels greasy; you get just the right amount of moisturization. I remember Christina had said something about using a body oil when wearing leggings and I mostly definitely recommend this one as it is virtual mess free. It has a huge added bonus.....all of the gelled oils and body lotions in the Mineral Gems series leave your skin with a subtle shimmer when you go into the sunlight!! So for those of you on Team Edward I'm sure you would be loving that quality about them. Sooo pretty, I really do love them.

I like this lipstick mostly because of the smell, the taste and the cooling sensation. When you open this it smells like a mix of chocolate and mint. When you apply it, the first thing you experience is an awesome minty tingling sensation. Its really fantastic. Color wise it is okay, I would more describe it as a light wash of color. When I do not feel like wearing heavy lip color I quite happily wear this. Hope this is helpful. <3

I really love this lipstick. Its smooth, the colors are extra vivid and they have a little shimmer! Containing a lot of vitamin E they actually condition your lips as they make your pout look fab, so ladies just beware of forgetting it in your car because it may melt. All and all I have gotten rave reviews from my customers about them and I enjoy wearing them :) Enjoy the swatches chicas! <3