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Beauty Product Reviews

Good, but there are lots of cheaper dupes.

I do love this, don't get me wrong. However, most of my youtube viewers are 13-17 and not many can afford the ridiculous price tag. MUA do lots of these shade for a lot, lot less. I have swatches on my blog

Take it from a hairdresser, PERFECT

Ok, so I'm almost qualified in Hairdressing I just have a few months to go, and this product is a lifesaver. When you're doing peoples hair everything is about time, time, time!! Also you don't want to be yanking your clients hair so this is sooo good for getting tangles out quickly and pain free. I have one of those ugly fake dolls head things for practising and the hair is notoriously prone to dreadlocking and it even gets those knots out in a breeze! Deffo buy this :)


It was actually a mistake that I ended up with this, as I've always spent a lot of money on high end deodorants as I think they're very important to get right! I was selling Avon and they sent this by accident and said I could keep it. So I tried it out, went to college which was Beauty Therapy at the time, then to work which was waitressing. Both very active activities for around 12 hrs straight and I was dry and smelling great by the end of it. I now wear this everyday. Highly recommended!!

Love it :) The Perfect Sexy Night Time Scent

I have lots of the Daisy perfumes, the toilette, parfum, eau so fresh and the necklace. So, I asked for this one instead when my Mum wanted to buy me a present (she's so sweet!) and I absolutley love it. Its kind of like a perfume oil in that it doesn't smell like alcohol at all like some do, I also felt like it moisturised my skin as my neck and wrists felt silky smooth after spraying it on. I also got the perfume ring and oh my gosh it is stunning, the perfect addition to any outfit.

The Perfect Girly Day Perfume

I love this, since my name is Daisy everyone gets me this for birthdays, Christmases, Valentines Day etc, and I am not complaining!! Its light, fresh, clean and feminine with tones of my fave ever flower, violets. I now have the Daisy Fresh too and the packaging is even cuter :)