Beauty Product Reviews

Will repurchase but use sparingly

I bought this product based on a review I saw on youtube. I will be honest and say that I thought it was horrible at first. Felt way too thick no matter how little of it I used and it seriously dries out my lips. But after I changed my skin care routine and my usually dry lips started "cooperating" I definitely noticed a difference in the way the product felt at application and how well it lasts. I did see flaking in the center of my bottom lip after a few hours but as I learned top use the product it minimized flaking after a while. It is tough to use it during winter though as my lips are relentless and get drier during this time but as long as I exfoliate and keep them moisturized I have no problem using it. I really don't like the problem it is with taking it off at the end of the day but I think it is totally worth it especially since it goes so well with my skin tone.

Baby soft and supple skin

I just love this cream. I love how it makes my skin feel soothed after I exfoliate. When I wake up in the mornings my skin feels super duper soft and silky

Doesn't make my face oily

So far I have been using this for over a year. It has been working great. I do notice by the end of the day my face is only oily around the t-zone. I may have to give another product a try. But so far so good

Good for practice and for a budget

I got this liner when I was on a very tight makeup budget. Also had the not waterproof one and it went all over the place once I wore it in the rain :( But I have to say it's pretty decent considering the price. I'm still somewhat of a newbie and I rely on this bad boy as my go to for practice purposes.