Beauty Product Reviews

Love upon first application

This magical powder has the blurring capabilities of a million microscopic diamond wielding ninjas reflecting the softest of light. It's non-drying and stays all day. Simple as that!

SIDE NOTE REGARDING THEIR MINERAL FOUNDATION: Being a makeup artist, I'm definitely not a stranger to the array of products in the makeup vortex. Coupled with being an acne sufferer and most recently seborrheic dermatitis, it's no joke when I say "I've tried nearly every foundation in existence." *I did say nearly, not all. ;) So, once my SD (Seborrheic Dermatitis) kicked in with a hellish vengeance, NOTHING WORKED. When I say nothing, I don't just mean foundation, everything, even moisturizers exacerbated my condition. It wasn't until I discovered the magic of sea salt to neutralize my skin's ph to coax my skin back to somewhat of a normal state. Once my skin calmed, I went about my research for a safe foundation to use on my complicated skin, that was when I discovered Purely Cosmetics. After reading through the ingredients (chemical, dye, and talc-free) I decided to go for it and placed an order for a sample of their Pure Mineral Foundation. One hour after application I noticed that the redness was gone and the flaking reduced. The morning after, I noticed that the irritation was nearly gone and my face no longer stung. One week after use, my face no longer flaked, bumps gone, redness completely gone, and my usual grease face was, (OMG) gone. What was once perceived as the first step in my makeup regimen is now the last step in my skincare routine.

Good for normal skin that can handle silicone

Having used Koh Gen Do's Maifanshi Moisture foundation (BEST HD/MINERAL/BOTANICAL & HERBAL FOUNDATION EVER), this was a huge miss. Coverage is good but not great as it doesn't have a natural appearance - to me, foundation should leave your face looking like skin but better. Also, it oxidized within an hour (I have really only skin) so it left my face looking like I had just fallen into a vat of bronzer. Also, provided the amount of silicone in the foundation, it didn't last more than a few hours (again, I attribute that to my oily complexion and the silicone exacerbating my skin, making it reactive.) Wouldn't buy again.

Holy lashes!!!!

Wasn't too sure what to expect from a lash primer that claims to also be a supercharged serum that amps up the length and thickness of your lashes. But honestly, for about $30 it can't hurt to try! Well, now I can firmly state that I can't live without this unicorn in a tube; it's just that awesome. After the first application I noticed that my mascara applied on smoother and of course, there was a definite increase in the fullness of my lashes. Over the course of a month, the overall health of my lashes upped dramatically. First off, no more balding lashes - yes it helped to retain what hairs I have. Second, my lashes are noticeably thicker, longer and shiner. Even my friends noticed the dramatic change when they asked me what false lashes I was wearing because they look so natural. haha. Definitely do yourselves and your lashes a favor and buy this product.

Magic in a sleekly packaged red tube

It you're on the hunt for the ultimate foundation, Koh Gen Do's Maifanshi Moisture Foundation is it - perfect marriage of skincare and flawless natural coverage in one product. If anything, this should be considered as the last step of your skincare routine, it's that amazing. The coverage is buildable and the finish natural matte, leaving you with the perfect healthy glow. I tell everyone that it looks like skin but better. Also love the fact that there's little to no silicone (in addition to the fact that there's no parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, etc.) so it doesn't oxidize like other foundations, therefore it stays on for hours without pilling, cracking, or turning orange. Definitely worth the cost. I've attached a close up of a client wearing the foundation.