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Beauty Product Reviews

Good bang for your buck

There is a wide variety of core colours, most of my basics (white, black, etc) are sinful colours. The formula is good and reliable, wear time is good, dry time is good... and the price is hard to beat. The local Lawtons has maybe 50 colours all for about 3 dollars. I think they are a good deal :)

What I like: They smell good, and I keep them in my purse (package doesn't leak) and its great for when you are out somewhere and have a massive chip catastrophe and need to remove it all.. or any reason you feel the need to remove polish when you are out and about. What I don't like: They leave your nails and skin around them feeling oily and depending on the polish I need to use quite a few of the little pads.

Seche limits what I dont like about topcoats and provides what is great about them. Its my most used top coat.

When I bought my first bottle of seche vite... clouds opened up, sun shone down on me, someone pulled open the drapes, people threw me up on their shoulders and started chanting like i won the world series, a parade and dance party broke out and we all danced with dry shiny chip resistant nails.