Beauty Product Reviews

Seriously Stays Put, All Day!

I'm always nervous to try a new eyeliner because some can be runny and my eyes can be sensitive. Plus, it's hard to find one that actually stays on my waterline all day. But let me tell you, Charlotte's Rock 'N' Kohl Pencil in Eye Cheat is a game changer. It's nothing like I've used before. It stayed in place from the time I put it on in the morning until I took it off. I was shocked, especially since it's a light nude! The texture is super creamy and didn't irritate my eyes at all. A must-have!!

Miracle Stick!

Anytime I start to feel pain from a big blemish coming in, I apply a bit to the area and the pain almost instantly goes away. And the best part is there's no trace of any zit the next day! Amazing stuff!