Beauty Product Reviews

Unique combination!

I bought the 4-piece kit from Sally's last year. It came with Ghoulish Glow, Black Mesh, and It's Alive from the Haunting collection. The fourth color was Cross Iron 360, which is sort of a Harley-Davidson orange with a little shimmer. They all looked great worn alone, and I liked Ghoulish Glow under a coat of the crackly Black Mesh.

Fun but messy

I have all of these but the pink one. They change your lips to varying shades of reddish pink to an almost fluorescent purple. When my hair is a dark pink/purple combination, my favorites are the purple lipstick and the red one. Use a clear lip liner if you can, as these tend to bleed a little. Oh, and your lips will be stained a little after it's worn off.


I have the Platinum/Aztec wand. The liner end is in Platinum, a frosted neutral white. The smudger end is Aztec, which is a pale frosted gold. The liner end has been used as a shadow base (i don't like to color my waterline, as this makes me tear up) for the smudger end, and I really like how they work together. I wore this to work and didn't notice any creasing after the first several hours. We'll see how they work in the summer months. The wand is well-made and handy to keep in your purse if you like to carry multi-use products with you. I'm going to get some more wands in darker colors next to see how well the liner end works as an eyeliner. My only complaint is that most of the shades they offer are neutral or muted colors. Some bright, summery shades would be nice.

Can't go wrong for $1!

This is very small for a concealer brush. I prefer to use it for cream eyeliners. It's dense enough to hold its shape, and is thin enough for fine lines.

So much fun. Makes all my old nailcolors seem new again!

I love Black Mesh. Now I can wear neon nailcolors underneath and not feel like my nails are too IN YOUR FACE! Looks cool over metallics. For Halloween, I wore this over two coats of China Glaze's Ghoulish Glow polish. Looked awesome in the dark!


I bought one of these to try it out, since they were $1 at Wal-Mart. The ring is on the small side (at least for my big fingers) and there isn't much color in the gloss. Would be a cute stocking stuffer for younger gals.

Feels great!

I bought this specifically to have a balm for my Revlon Just Bitten lipstain. Just Bitten comes with it's own balm, but sadly they didn't design the package very well and the balm breaks after a few uses. Hard Candy's World Balmination does the trick just nicely to keep my lipstain color sealed in. On it's own, the balm leaves the sheeeeerist color on my lips. If you have fair lips they might show up a little better. It smells really good and keeps lips soft for hours. I have Vampire Bite, a sheer warm-toned red.


I have dark freckles and some splotchy redness here and there on my face. This concealer is great at toning the freckles down to a normal tone. I could use this to completely cover them but I like my freckles, just not so dark! It does crease around the eye a little bit, so use it a little sparingly in that area. Used it to partially cover one of the tattoos on my forearm, with a little face powder it was all but invisible. The downside: they only come in three shades. Fair, Medium, and Tan. I use Medium and it matches my slightly yellowish skin tone very well. Not sure how the other shades look but if you have cooler-toned medium-toned skin, this might not be a good match for you. Comes with a tiny concealer pencil... I haven't found a use for this yet, must experiment a bit further...