Hard Candy

World Balmination


Simera H.
My New Love

Okay when I first seen these lip balms my first thought was how good can they be because they looked very cheap to me for some reason. I won one of these in a giveaway and wow I want all the shades now. Okay I have the shade in Fishnet. When you look at it in the tube it's a very bold hot pink, but when applied to my lips it was totally sheer, which i think is a good thing because I don't have to worry if I applied it nicely. this lip balm moisturized my lips like crazy. I have very dry chapped lips all year long and with this lip balm my lips have been very moisturized and I no longer get chapped lips.

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Patty L.
Feels great!

I bought this specifically to have a balm for my Revlon Just Bitten lipstain. Just Bitten comes with it's own balm, but sadly they didn't design the package very well and the balm breaks after a few uses. Hard Candy's World Balmination does the trick just nicely to keep my lipstain color sealed in. On it's own, the balm leaves the sheeeeerist color on my lips. If you have fair lips they might show up a little better. It smells really good and keeps lips soft for hours. I have Vampire Bite, a sheer warm-toned red.

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Tiffani H.
Great for the price $

I got a couple of these (I forget the names of the colours, but one is a very pale pink and the other is a more magenta colour) when I was looking to update my makeup collection and when I was interested in the Hard Candy brand. I like them very much. I feel like they give a little bit of colour to my lips when I don't want them to be very dramatic. However, I wish they showed up at least a little more opaque and not so sheer, since you can't even really tell a difference between the two different colours I have when they're one.

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