Beauty Product Reviews

I bought this back in June with my 20% off coupon and my gift card I got for my Birthday. I liked the look of the colors and thought it would be a good everyday palette. I dont know if its just my palette but the color payoff to me was very disappointing when applied to the lid. They werent as good of quality as I was hoping. My favorite colors of the palette are honeymoon, ever after, and soul mates. I do and honeymoon are softer colors and I couldnt get them to apply very well. I have bought a shadow palette from the Dollar Tree that had better color payoff and applied more smoothly. I found them not to blend very well. I had meant to return this product just never got around to it. I tried using these over bases and primer alone. This product wasnt worth the $36 I paid.

I purchased this product because I loved the look of Candy Leopard. I already had purchased Pink Leopard before and had recently ran out. I went to Ulta to purchase a new one when I came across this product. The Candy Leopard gave a really nice pinky glow for my pale skin. When I was wanting something warmer I used the pink leopard. I found these lasted all day and a little goes a long way. Unfortunately I never got a chance to use the other because my purse got stolen soon after I had bought this product and it happened to be in my purse. They stopped selling it soon after. :( I hope they end up putting candy leopard out by itself. It was a perfect amount of pink and shimmer.

I was looking for a bronzer a few years ago that wasnt dark for my pale skin. At the time I was using a Bonne Bell one and my hubby would say I looked like I got punched in the face when I wore it. A friend of mine recommended this product. She said it was a good one for pale skin. I fell in love with the first swatch. It gives you a nice peachy pink color to your cheeks without making your face look dirty. You can also use the different colors for shadows. I liked patting the pink on the lids, swiping some of the bronzer in crease. This product gives you a nice sunkissed glow. Its also a good product for contouring