Beauty Product Reviews


This product is amazing for your face! I use to only use it for my body but now I use two bars at a time, one for a facial wash and the other for taking a shower. It never drys out my skin nor cause breakouts which is perfect for me. I like to use this if I want to use a body mist or scented body lotion afterwards. ♥

Yum Cucumber!

This product is amazing because I has a great scent but doesn't dry my skin out. I have oily and sensitive skin so most fragrance bar soaps irritate my skin, but not dove. The only problem is the soap melts fast... not as fast as Lush soap but I do advice storing it outside of the shower. :)

Bottom line: I would suggest this to a friend, and I will repurchase this product in the future.


I got this at the Bath and Body Works Semiannual sale for 3 dollars. For the on sale price I think it was worth the buy. I would never by this lip gloss at retail price because I doesn't do anything to help get healthier lips. I would advice putting this over lipstick for a "topcoat" and using something with SPF under the lipstick (like Maybelline Baby Lips). I love bath and body works so I would buy this again on when it's sale.


I love Bath & Body Works lip gloss because it's never to sticky or to sugary to the taste! Its a perfect blend of ingredients to make a sheer gloss. Downside: Not long lasting, really sheer, and glittery. Overall I would suggest this product to a friend :)