Beauty Product Reviews

Just right!!

I absolutely love this!! I picked it up after MakeupbyTiffanyD raved about it on YouTube and I couldn't be happier. I've gotten compliments from patients and coworkers every time I wear it!! LOVE IT!! :) It's not overly powerful (hence why I feel comfortable wearing it to work) and you don't have to spray a ton on. Just a couple of spritzes and you're good :) Definitely going to get the bigger bottle next time I buy. I carry the roller ball perfume in my work bag too :)


I was browsing NYX at Ulta and these caught my eye. I didn't even swatch the colors in-store (I purchased Extreme Blue and Extreme Purple). The blue is such a vibrant royal-blue, very eye catching and from a distance. The purple is gorgeous as well, though not AS pigmented when first applied. I always get compliments when I wear either color though. I am a nurse and I work 12 hour shifts which means my makeup is on for at least 14 hours and these babies do NOT budge. If I rub my eye, the color will flake off. But if left alone, these stay vibrant all day long <3. For $4.49, these are a STEAL!! Definitely worth it to pick them up just for the color range!! I can't wait to purchase more!! <3

I will add though that the applicator is a bit tricky to work with. It would be helpful if the bristles of the applicator were just a tad longer. If you don't hold the applicator at the right angle you risk making a thicker line than you want. If I had to I would take half of a star off, but "practice makes perfect" so it's still 5 in my book :D