Beauty Product Reviews

Mainly for lighter skin tones

I own two extremes from this collection, the mattifying Peach green tea and the moisturizing Honey black tea and I must say I like both of them. The coverage rather sheer, but does the job if your skin isn't too acne prone. It gives a natural looking clean finish. I love how easily it applies onto the skin. I use my hands and it doesn't streak or patch. It has a very pleasant smell, but contains fragrance, so beware for those who are sensitive! It is quite long-lasting and after hours at school or work, my skin still looked fine. This Bb cream is quite affordable compared to other brands ( 8-15 CA$) and can be bought online, but make sure you're getting an authentic product especially on e-bay or amazon. A little goes a long way with this one so the 30g tube is just enough. I did a review with some swatches and pictures here , if you wanted to see, but I personally find this product worth it if you want something light and simple. However, I understand it might not be for everyone so make sure your expectations suit what this bb cream has to offer:)

My staple!:)

I am a bit of a concealaholic, so I own quite a few different concealers, but this one is the staple in my makeup\concealer collection. I personally use the ''original'' colored one, but I also have the dark one and I absolutely love them. Needless to say, the coverage is wonderful, I truly consider it as a pro correcting palette. Yes, you have the essential set of correctors in a cute round wheel, that's what makes it even more amazing. I know that you can now get these concealer palettes from almost every makeup company, but this one just somehow stole my heart and there's no way I'dd give up on it:) Despite the price, which I admit is a bit high, I am still convinced it is worth it. I mean, think about it! if you were to buy all the shades of concealer separately, you'dd spend way more money! And it also lasts long so I wouldn't be as concerned about the price and give it a try:)