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Beauty Product Reviews

Hydration Nation!

I cannot express how much I love this product. I've had a lot of trouble with dehydrated undereyes and within one night of use this product transformed my skin! not only did my dehydration lines disappear, but it smoothed, brightened and refreshed my normally puffy and dehydrated skin. This is a must for me!

Have you met your matte-ch?

These are one of the best matte lip products on the market. The pigmentation is out of this world! Most times with matte lippies you sacrifice texture for pigment or vice versa, but not here! These glide on smooth but last all day. The formula is extremely long wearing, and the shape and size of the product allows for full control and ease of use. They are travel (and handbag) friendly, great for makeup junkies on the go! Don't hesitate with this one, you won't be disappointed!

Should you take a ride on the hype train? or wait for the next one..

I would give this product 5 stars for pigmentation alone, however overall I found that this performed averagely. While the colors are FABULOUS and so beautifully opaque, I'm not sure I would continue to shell out the big bucks for these, as I believe they're not as comparable to others on the market. Color range and pigmentation aside, these lipsticks DO NOT last long, and fade kind of awkwardly. It is IMPERATIVE that you PREP your lips before applying. While the sponge applicator was nice within the first few uses, it becomes very messy with continued use, I felt I was wiping away more product than I was getting to use. Continuing with the applicator... sponges also hoard bacteria, and the last thing I want is a ton of germs around my mouth, ICK! so that definitely put me off. These have a sweet scent that is pleasant but does not linger, they glide on nicely and are easy to work with. If you genuinely want a long wearing liquid lipstick I would suggest Stila's Stay All Day instead.. but Too Faced definitely has the market for best color selection. Overall, I would say splurge on a few but don't waste your money on the entire collection.

Fly away to the Hollywood Hills!

It's hard to shell out those big $$ for a luxury product and not be sure if it'll be worth it in the long run. Fear no more! This product is IT. The packaging is not only beautiful and very luxe but sturdy and durable, it's survived intact through a few (scary) drops. This highlight looks beautiful on most skin tones, but can pull a little ashy on deep skin (ONLY if the skin isn't prepped correctly) the bronzer is warm in tone but swatches a bit orange, when blended properly it gives a great J.LO glow. I would say the bronzer is suitable for fair-Medium-Dark skin tones. WOC beware that this may not give you a deep contour, but could still provide a nice light shadow! consistency is silky smooth and highly pigmented. I like that it can easily be built up without looking chalky. I definitely feel like I got the most bang for my buck outta this. Scoop this up ladies, you won't regret it!!

STUNNING, but are ya worth it?

Let me start by saying.. this product is FREAKIN' GORGEOUS! It swatches beautifully and looks incredible in the pan. Now, as a fan of the Hourglass ambient lighting powders & blushes I was hoping this would be another blown-away type of product. Unfortunately I was a bit let down. I found it difficult to blend most of these shades together, while pretty on their own, some of the mattes were a TAD chalky and difficult to work with. If you're a beginner I would recommend one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes instead. The pigmentation was a bit all over the place and just generally hard to work with. I think for the price tag, this was a big miss for me.

Less is more!

This product is a gamer changer. It is thick in consistency but blends flawlessly. A VERY small amount of this product is needed to cover both eyes, so the steep price tag is well worth it, since the tube will last you ages. I have relatively dry under eyes and find that this product while not hydrating, doesn't add to my already dry under eye area. There is a margin for user error, if you find that it is creasing, you are using too much! It lasts all day and dries completely- you don't have to worry about tackiness. As for the anti-aging properties, I have noticed small improvements in fine lines but nothing too drastic. This product I'm sure will reach Holy Grail status very soon!

I like it but

This was my first year partaking in the Lucky bag sale. The value of my bag totaled to around $217 dollars.. and ultimate steal. However, I'm really unhappy with the urine colored nail polish I received. I don't see how this streaky, semi glitter polish could be flattering with any other color or on it's own. Super stoked about the Wayne Goss brush and OCC Lip Tar. I think I'll be in for next year too. Thanks Beautylish!

Straight from the heavens!

The packaging of this product is so STUNNING. It reminds me of old Hollywood glamour, so luxe! The highlight is AMAZING. Very pigmented and smooth to apply. Just a little will take you a long way. The bronzer reminds me a bit of Benefit Hoola. Not muddy but not orange either. I would say the bronzer probably suits fair/light skin tones the best, other wise it just blends in with medium/dark skin tones. Overall I'm very satisfied and would definitely repurchase. 5/5 would recommend!

Perfect Pinky Nude

First off, the packaging is gorgeous! I The formulation is nice, goes on smoothly, great pigmentation, however, I do wish it lasted a little longer on the lips. With a lip primer and hydrated lips I found it wore off after 4 hours.. Not terrible, just not made to be long lasting. Product is smooth and has a sweet scent. Genuinely pleased, but I don't think these will be replacing my YSL lipsticks!