Beauty Product Reviews


Easy to apply and just the right amount of bling to be able to wear all day weather at work, school, or out at night. You dont even feel them they are so great they become part of you in a sence and such a great price cant beat it love. Must try if you get a chance


This pallete is amazing. There are so many colors to chose from. The colors blend like a dream, they go on so smooth. The colors are very pigmented when using a base. This Palette is very affordable, its almost a steal for as many colors your getting.

Not what I expected

I got bought this product in techno. The color is very pretty but once I tried to use it the product fell short. The color you see is not the color you get once applied. This product creases quickley. The color was so light I ended up using it as a base. Even as a base it still fell short. I would only recommend using them as a base or a liner if enough product is applied. I dont think I am going to be buying any more. If you do want to try them and maybe you have a idea on what to use them for they are cheap in price, so if you dont like them your not losing out on alot of money.


I have a few of these palettes and I do have to say they are great when it comes to blending. The textures are soft and smooth. They are very powder like witch makes them soft and light weight but the down fall would be the have alot of fall out. Depending on witch palette you get the pigmination veries. For the few Palette I got the colors were moderatly pigmented. They are great for a suddle look.


I would have to say that the Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Eye Shadow Duo Collection is amazing. They are very pretty colors, they go on smothe. They blend very well. They are pigmented very well not to intense yet not no little either. This eyeshadow is very light weight on the eyelid. The color lasts all day with very little color fading. These eyeshadows are amazing for the price and can stand up with other products.

Best Used As A Base

I have 2 of the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Pots. I have tried to use them alone as well as with other products. I personally use them as a base reason being they are not as pigmented as I would like them to be. Being that they aren't very pigmented using them as a base allows the eyeshaow to stick and have less creasing. They go on smooth witch I love. They do however last a while if used for a base alone the color does tend to fade after a while. All in all this is a good product if you are looking for a cheap colored base.


This blue is un like any other blue I have seen it is sort of matte yet with a glossy finish. The brush is a good size easy to apply and small enough not to make to much of a mess. What I like about pacific blue is you only truly need one coat. With most colors you need two or more coats to become a solid color with Pacific Blue one coat is enough. I would recommend this blue. The only downfall I have found with this polish as of late is that it chips easy.