Beauty Product Reviews

Modified Use

I've grown to really like this conditioner. I use it for detangling, wash and go and mainly as a wash and go. I'm not thrilled about the smell so I spray my hair with a little rose water or add a bit of coconut oil. I'm nearing the end of the bottle and I'd buy it again.

Search Over

I fell in love with this tinted moisturizer! I tried one or two just to SEE if there was anything else I preferred. I retired my search. This works well for me and I'm sticking with it.

Thumbs up, even at this price!

This was my first $40+ purchase for a face masque. I can't say that I'm disappointed. It's now a staple in my skin regimen and the difference is notable. My skin feels professionally cared for, radiant, supple and CLEAN. The faint tingle feels great. A breeze to apply and remove. I would buy it again.