Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15


Tiffany S.
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I fell in love with this tinted moisturizer! I tried one or two just to SEE if there was anything else I preferred. I retired my search. This works well for me and I'm sticking with it.

Crissy B.
Best Tinted Moisturizer I've tried!

I am not a fan of wearing foundation on a daily basis so I've been searching for the best Tinted Moisturizer in the market that would give me light coverage under my pressed powder but still remain matte. I was using Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer but it didn't really do anything extraordinary for me. I got my first Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer in Medium because it was on sale. I thought, if it didn't turn out okay I could give it away. But I fell in love with the coverage and the finish on my skin! In fact, I just bought a second tube lately of the Luminous shade so I can alternate my usage depending on my mood =) The 2 shades provide an even look and because they are oil-free, there is a matte finish.

Melissa D.
Love it!

I bought this during the summer because what I was using was way too heavy for the heat. I absolutely love this product and I will continue using it all year round. Normally during the summer, by the end of the day my face looks like a hot mess with this tinted moisturizer it didn't. It gave me adequate coverage although I don't need much. Not greasy at all and gives a nice matte finish. I love it!

Emily R.
Very nice!

I love this tinted moisturizer! I thought it might be too greasy at first, (since it is a moisturizer), but I love it!! A little bit of this product surely goes a long way!! I love the way it blends in and has a very nice finish.. not wet at all! It sinks in very fast. I find it does have a a bit of coverage, enough to even my skin tone :) I was not looking for a miracle worker to cover my imperfections.. just something that was light, airy, and allowed my skin to breathe and I found the perfect product :) Will for sure continue to buy! <3

Romee H.
Try it you won't regret it!

I been used Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for long time, it's great but bit pricey. So I was looking around for new tinted moisturizer and I found great combo. Smashbox and Cover FX tinted moisturizer together! that's best match in TM heaven! Smashbox TM has good coverage but it's only SPF 15. Cover FX TM has all the great benefit for skin, has nice shimmer with SPF30 but it's too light coverage for by itself. These two Tinted Moisturizer together give skin enough coverage, healthy grow and SPF 30! If you don't want to mix it together you can use by itself. It is still great tinted moisturizer and not too pricey.

Nadine S.
Not true to its color

I went to the store and purchased it on the recommendation of the sales associate. I had initially liked the product but under light things tend to be different. I went home and tried it but the shade was way darker than medium and made me look almost chocolate color. I am fair skinned with olive tones. I had to go and return the product. I would say it's not true to its color.

Marie-Claire M.

Good summer choice, moisturizing, lightweight. Isn't fair enough for me, but I am SUPER fair... More recommended for a dryer to normal skin type. I found it a little too dewy for my combo skin. Overall great product for the suitable skin type!

Katie P.

I tried both Fair and Light.. both were too yellow for my skin tone. They gave me a great dewey finish, but it was just too yellow-y. Also, I am very careful about contamination with my cosmetics,but i don't know if it was a bacterial thing or what, but this stuff STINKS!! Almost a rotten eggs smell. It was awful. So, if you have yellow or golden undertones, this might work for you. Hopefully the smell was just a fluke!!!