Beauty Product Reviews

Bought 2 pairs :)

I loved these so much.. I bought 2 more pairs :) Awesome lashes! You wont be sorry if you purchase these! They look great on and and go really easy. I barely had to trim these at all and I didnt have to layer them!

Overall great product but I dont want a natural face enough to say Im in love :)

I really like this! I like crazy makeup so I cant say Im in LOVE with this but I do like it a lot :) Colors are great for a natural look :)

Smells awesome, stays on great!

I have both coralista and Bella Bamba.. and I like bella much better but I like more pink shades than corals but anywho.. great blush! Lasts forever! Smells awesome! Overall, great product and has a super cute container :)

Best tinted moisturizer ev!

This product is medium coverage. Only bad thing about this product is that it is kinda sticky and dries slowly. However, if you can look passed that, then you will love it! Its awesome for your skin. It has anti-aging ingredients and is spf 15!

Honey is my go to gold!

I love this shadow! Its very pigmented which I love and the colors are bright and fun! Honey, Grafitti, and atmosphere are my fav.'s!