Beauty Product Reviews

Best hairspray ever!

I love Oribe products soooo much! This hairspray is great, it doesn't build up, is easy to brush out and holds your style really well. Also it contains conditioners and heat protection so it is great for someone that has hair that is a bit "compromised".

Great for summer time

I used this all summer long and it really helps to keep your hair moisturized and keeps your colour from fading if you have colour treated hair. Ouidad products are made for curly hair (which I have), but I use this all the time, even when I am straightening my hair. It actually works really great used along with a heat protectant for curling or straightening.

Seriously the most amazing dry shampoo ever made!

I love this stuff! Oribe in general has really great multi-tasking products. This is great for using as a dry shampoo in between washings or added to the roots to give major volume to your hair. It also doesn't leave that kindy powdery greasy feel that other dry shampoos can have. Also if you have ever smelt Oribe products then you know that this stuff smells insanely good as well.

Easy to find drugstore matte bronzer

I like this stuff mainly because I am so pale and this is a really good color for me. Also it is one of the only matte bronzers available at the drugstore and it is super cheap!

Love this stuff

This is a great quick dry top coat. Super shiny, and it dries your polish in less than 20 minutes. The only down side is that it gets thick really quickly and you have to use the seche restore to thin it.