Wo M.

Location: Chino Hills, CA

Makeup your mind

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About Me

I'm a mom to 3 boys, who loves fashion and all things makeup, and who TRULY enjoys being the Queen of the house!

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Oily
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Fine, Normal
Birthday: June 13
Age: 43


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1. How do you have time to put on make-up and do your hair with 3 kids?
Easy, I make time for myself. Any more than 10-15 minutes on make-up just to run errands is over kill.
2. Do you use special products for your hair?
I'm a HUGE fan of Aveda products, but since I'm now a SAHM and I can't just go all willy-nilly buying stuff, I've found some really great budget friendly alternatives (you can read about it on my blog)
3. What's your go-to make-up brand?
MAC, Smashbox, Sephora, Cover FX, just to name a few.
4. Why don't you do hair and make-up professionally?
I'm currently working on that! I'll have my license and professional experience under my belt by the end of the year.
5. Why do you love make-up?
It gives you a chance to become someone else, even if just for a few hours