Beauty Product Reviews

pucker up !

I've never been a person to wear anything but chapstick on my lips. always thought I can't find that "perfect color." pure nude by NYX is my favorite because of how it makes me feel. my teeth seem to come off whiter. No matter If I cake on the bronzer or decide to look like Casper the shade goes perfect with my skin tone . I feel this will be an amazing color on seriously anyone. it doesn't dry the lips. stays put for a few hours at least. and even If this color and lipstick wasn't $2.99 I WOULD STILL BUY IT. but lucky for me it's that price ! ♥

all year around affordable tan !

I'm a HUGE bronzer addict to began with. I usually do not have a "favorite" UNTIL I started using this one. I always end up going with something inexpensive. I tried this bronzes because A LOT of MAC make up artists have recommended it. this bronzer made my skin look tan. NOT orange and not blotchy. it also looked natural. I'm in love. this is my official favorite. :)