Beauty Product Reviews


I am always looking for good lipsticks that last and that don't dry out my lips. I assumed Bare Escentuals would be good, since its natural and everything. However i was disappointed. Price- The price was reasonable for a lipstick-$15 at sephora. Some lipsticks are definitely much more expensive, and some much cheaper, so no complaints on the price. Texture- When I first put the lipstick on, it was very creamy but thick. It was kind of bothersome because I noticed having it on more than I have with other lipsticks. The lipstick has a shimmer, and it feels sort of grainy. Color- The shade I picked (Bavarian Creme) is a light berry pink color, but it didnt show that much on my lips, just the shimmer did. Also, the shimmer and texture looks cakey on my lips which I hate on lipsticks. Staying power- since the color wasnt pigmented to begin with (or maybe I picked a color that wasn't the most pigmented out of all of them) it soon looked like i wasn't wearing any lipstick, just like my lips were chapped. Although my lips didnt actually become chapped, they did start to feel dry after about an hour. Overall, I didn't love this lipstick and I wouldn't buy it again.

bought instead of naked palette 1

So before I bought this palette, I was set on buying the Urban Decay Naked palette (#1) because i had heard so much about that. After reading sephora reviews and watching youtube reviews, I decided to go for this palette. Pigmentation- Very pigmented, and great product altogether. The top two shadows (Velvet revolver and Sexpresso) are my favorite day shadows, they bring out my blue/green eyes quite nicely. Velvet revolver is probably one of my favorite shadows throughout my makeup drawers, it has a nice mushroom matte color. The rest of the shadows are pigmented as well, though I dont use Erotica or Coco Puff all that much. Also, silk teddy (the big lower left rectangle) seems to be pure glitter to me, and is difficult to use well. I never really use it on myself, but I just did a Beauty and the Beast at my school and our Lumiere needed some glitter on his eyes, so it was perfect for that. I gave 4/5 stars because without primer, the shadows don't stay on too long. They'll stay for a few hours, but with my UD primer potion (which i use whenever i do my makeup) they can last much longer. So no real complaints, just that I dont use all the shadows regularly and staying power isn't all-day. Overall a great buy! Too Faced palettes (I have Romantic Eye as well) haven't disappointed me yet.