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  • Added Feb 13, 2013

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Mar 25, 2013

Tara V.

You should really have investigated the true different types of synthetic hair that do match natural hair and can be heated. New synthetic is not only natural looking, can be curled if you are informed on how to curl it, the curl can last almost a week and flat ironed silky smooth. Remy hair does not guarantee the hair will last. Heat safe synthetic, will have a temp listed, that is soft and real looking: ShapeShifter, Augenmerk, Plastikhaar. Do not forget if you go human REMY is just a term and not a brand. Some Remy will only last 3 months. I have some synthetic that not only looks real but has last a year. A large majority of real hair is colored with fabric dye making it difficult if not impossible to color to match. Bohyme is a popular Remy hair. As with any extension you need to do homework. Both types have their pros and cons. Both types require their individual specialized care according to installation method and real or synthetic.Last but not least, if real hair where did it come from, how many times has it been processed, processed with what, is the hair coated (this can look great at first and wear off) and let us not forget cost. With either remember use good styling tools because both can be damaged, neither are invincible and you must choose hair that matches your own. Do not forget with any hair and install possibility for damage depending on install method.

Mar 25, 2013

Samantha L.

Hi Tara! Thanks for your comment. In the video we aimed to define and show viewers the two extremes (human vs. synthetic) as we get so many questions on the differences. Your comments are all true though and definitely are something that when shopping around for extensions, are things to consider :)

Mar 26, 2013

Tara V.

Thank you Samantha. It should also be noted that there is packs of kanekalon synthetic fiber/weaving hair that is really really cheap for example $5 a packet. It is sold at some hair/wig shops and online. Please remember if there is no info assume the worst and it will melt even at low heat. Some individuals use it for dreadlocks and braids but I have heard horror stories of taking a dip in a hot tub and it melting into a lump. The vendors I listed are heat rated some from 300F to 400F. Each vendor can specify temperature rating. On a side note, I highly recommend all styling tools have adjustable temperatures using the lowest temperature for your hair and be of good quality. This goes for all hair. Do not waste a beautiful install of hair or even your own to cheap/bad styling tools. Great tools are worth the investment.

Feb 18, 2013

Evie M.

I have real human hair extentions there awesome.