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My Winter Makeup Routine!

  • Added Nov 30, 2012

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Dec 17, 2012

Casey L.

How do u get your hair like that I love it can u please put a video up on how you do your hair that. 

Dec 15, 2012

Emma D.

I love ur videos ❤ oxox

Dec 11, 2012

Katie M.

Ok I do wear base because I'm in middle school so do you have any tips for me I only wear skin color powder and eye makeup so if you have tips for me please respond back 

Dec 07, 2012

Leen A.

Your sooooo FRIKIN pretty !! I always use mac, (my mums a make up artist their) love ure sweater!

Dec 06, 2012

Paige V.

I luv your videos!!!!! You are Awsome 

Dec 01, 2012

Samantha S.

I luv ur videos :)
What's ur Chanel ?

Dec 05, 2012

Kristle-lynn C.

macbarbie07 and the random life of bethany with no spaces.

Dec 01, 2012

Nina M.

Love your sweater :3 You're so cute and funny <3

Nov 30, 2012

Miranda T.

What was the creme you used for your face in this video! Totally loved the video though, I wanna try that creme blush!