Make Your Own Pore Strips

  • Added Aug 7, 2010
Note: This MichellePhan  YouTube video was shared on Beautylish by a fan.
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Just so you guys know, Michelle didn't come up with this. It's been around for decades now.

Also note that gelatin, proper gelatin not Jello, costs as much as Biore Pore Strips. You can pick up a package of 4 envelopes for around $5 to $8 depending on the store. Biore Pore strips cost about that and you get eight strips.

Some stores do sell larger boxes of gelatin for $8 to $10 but finding the larger boxes is what's tricky. There are so much you can do with it with gelatin that I should put together a video of the other home beauty methods you can do.

this is so awesome, definitely going to try it tonight :) thanks so much sweetie, great video

Nov 13, 2010

Sarah Louise H.

tried it out tonight... OMG! its so great! never ever buying pore strips lol! only thing is.. you have to apply it fairly quickly, other wise it gets to sticky.. but its a great DIY

Oct 19, 2010

Chelsea A.

Love this. Since I saw this video, I haven't bought any pore strips! 

this is genius :o thank you haha !