Review- Benefit They're Real Mascara

  • Added Aug 30, 2011

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May 17, 2012

Angel Y.

You're supposed to let it dry if you get it on your skin... and flake it off. use your finger nail, or a clean mascara spoolie brush. and that goes for *any*. I honestly feel like this was more of a complain, than a review. I've used it at the gym doing Zumba, went home and took a shower and the mascara remained perfect. It doesn't feel heavy, or clumpy and I do several coats, even with the spiky ball end. I wear about 2-4 coats, even on my bottom lashes, and it survives the hot and humid weather.

Your review was too fast, and had no personality. Almost like you were rushing to get everything in... sounded like the guy at the end of the commercial when he's reading all of the small print without taking a breath of air. I think it's a great mascara, and I'll never use anything else again. We're all entitled to our opinion, but I again... you just sounded like a rushed commercial narrated by Negative Nancy.

May 17, 2012

Caity C.

When I do reviews, I use the product for at least several weeks to a month so I can form an opinion on it and give my subscribers the most accurate review I can. That being said, I was not able to remove this mascara from my skin once it dried, or before for that matter. I use the method you mentioned, and that works with every mascara but this one. For me, this mascara was heavy and clumpy, and ran off my face in clumps if I ever got my face wet. I was not trying to complain about it or be negative, because as you can see I rated this product four stars, but I just wanted my subscribers to know my honest opinion. That's great that you liked it, I did too, I just wanted to be honest about my experiences with it.