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  • Added Jan 04, 2012

New Arrivals


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Jan 10, 2012

Angel S.

i love that u talk abt how u dnt like the way others forget that we newbies dnt know all the lingo of make up im learning this myself dnt shut up and delete... i love ur videos and way of thinking  

Jan 08, 2012

Angel S.

i love this look on you.

Jan 08, 2012

Courtney M.

I love that you smoke during your videos. I catch a lot of hell for doing that lol. I also would like to say, I had two math teachers in highschool that were strikingly different. Math had always been easy for me until my sophomore year when I struggled to get a B+, somehow, my junior year, in a more challenging class I easily got an A. The teacher my sophomore year skipped steps while he was showing us the problems and assumed we knew the techniques because he did. He was a mathematical genius and an expert in the field. The teacher my junior year laid everything out so there would be no misunderstanding. Needless to say, sometimes its harder to learn from a professional because they forget what it's like to be learning. Good luck! I hope to see more from you.

Jan 05, 2012

Romee H.

Welcome to Beautylish!