Adding length to your natural nail using Gelish Hard Gel and Dual Forms

  • Added Jul 14, 2012

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Nov 16, 2012

Braand'New J.

See I'm use to using acrylic when I do my own nails, and others. This seems to be a much quicker, easier, and mess free process. Can you give me a price range on this stuff at Sally's. I really want to do this. 

Nov 16, 2012

ThePolishedMommy B.

The price range is going to vary depending on the on the hard gel or acrylic that you buy. I prefer Gelish but they don't carry acrylic line at Sallys they only have the gel polishes. But you can use whatever gel/acrylic brand you like. Sally's does carry the nail forms, they're by ASP called "form a nail" nail forms online price says its $6.99 but if you have the club card it's cheaper. Also these forms are reusable so the kit will last a really long time. The initial cost may be alot but you save so much time and money compared to going to a salon.