Easy Scar - Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tutorial

  • Added Oct 26, 2011

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Jul 10, 2012

Kristin C.

that is freakin amazing !! (: How do you take it off?

Jul 9, 2012

Lauren G.

does that hurt your skin or face afterwards when you tale it off?

Dec 27, 2012

Wilmarie S.

it takes out a little of the skin but only the dead skin so no as long as you wait like 3 days between uses

Jun 7, 2012

Azelea C.

sooooo cool! I luv it~!

Apr 20, 2012

Shelby P.

does the rigid collodion come off easily?

Apr 11, 2012

Patricia W.

i created this look of a pond and souronding area

Apr 5, 2012

Monika L.

Oh, looks fantastic! So REAL! I did something similar to this for my niece since she was the female freddy last halloween and I didn't have rigid collodion so instead I used an eyelash glue and while it may not work as hell, it look great! So glad I found this video. Stay great. 

Jan 13, 2012

Izzie W.

When you say dry out the skin does that mean you would have to add multiple layers of moisturizer to make it not look scared anymore?

Jan 1, 2012

Stephanie G.

this is amazing

This is great!! 

Dec 11, 2011

orchid N.

this is all that .. i love it .. it looks so reallllllllllllllllll

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