How to Create a Bohemian Fishtail Braid

  • Added May 6, 2011
Note: This makeupologie  YouTube video was shared on Beautylish by a fan.
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Aug 13, 2012

Kindha E.

I've been trying to do it for like 15 times in a row and i still cant get the hand of it. Any tips ?

Aug 13, 2012

Mariam E.

Thanks for the tutorial!! I finally made a fishtail braid yaay!! xo

Jul 19, 2012

Imi K.

Thanks now I know how to do a fishtail really easily!!!! Thnx xxxx

Jul 10, 2012

Anna M.

Thanks you made it soo easy. This is the first time I have ever been able to do a fish tail braid, actually any braid other than a regular one. THANKS!!!!!

Jun 20, 2012

Callista L.

I've been wanting to learn this forever! When I was younger, and we had books, I could never seem to follow the diagrams! Thank you!

Do you know how to do the French Fish tail? So that the fish tail starts higher up your head? You know what I mean? 

Jul 18, 2012

Anna M.

I know the feeling.. The same here!

May 17, 2012

Mary G.

You're such a cutie!

Thanks for the demo. That is sooo neat.

Apr 17, 2012

Tess D.

I love you videos you are so pretty!!!!

Mar 3, 2012

Jessica F.

thx for tha tip about grabbing smaller peices because since i was little i would just keep cutting the peices in half so when i was done it would brake about and would not look like a braid at all

now i know lol :D

Feb 20, 2012

Lesly T.

u look like the girl from step up 3 the girl that dances good that has the bro named julian

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