Beauty Product Reviews

My fav!

Essie will always be my favorite nail polish! I think the bottles look so cute and clean and preppy. I love their creamy formula as well as their delicate color range. Its perfect for that total girly girl. Not to mention I hardly EVER have chipping problems while wearing Essie.


To be perfectly honest, when the Naked Palette first debuted, I refused to join the hype. I have never enjoyed, nor knew how, to work with neutrals. Brights have just always been my thing! I finally caved in thinking it would be a good investment for my professional kit. Shortly after purchasing this it became a staple for me. Much to my surprise I use it almost everyday, and I have hit pan on Virgin and Buck! I just wish they had more mattes!

I mean..

Upon months of use of my Sweet Mint EOS Lip Balm I have come to the conclusion that the best thing, and possibly only actual good thing about this product, is its packaging. Its so eye catching. It is also big enough for when you're in a rush, reaching into your bag without looking to find something for your drying lips, you almost always find it quickly.

As for the lip balm itself I am not so impressed. I find my cheep .99 Cent Chapstick to be way more moisturizing than these little cuties ever were. I guess Ill just stick to what I know, cheap chapstick.

Love it!

I absolutely adore this highlighter, especially when working with darker skin tones. It is more of a glow than a shimmer or glitter which gives such a more natural look. It warms up the face so beautifully. It is the perfect highlighter for summer skin.