Beauty Product Reviews

Best top coat EVAR!

This is the only top coat I use. I swear, I wouldn't even paint my nails without this stuff. It goes on easily and dries my entire manicure in minutes. It can even smooth out the lumpiest glitter! LOVE!

Inexpensive and Awesome!

I love this eye primer! It's only a dollar and works just as well as the pricey TFSI and UDPP. The only thing I don't really like is the packaging. The lipgloss-style tube is unsanitary and makes it difficult to get every last bit. All in all, this a great product!

Awesome palette!

This is the neutral palette of all neutral palettes. I use it almost everyday because it's so versatile. It's also the only palette I bring when I travel. This would be a great palette for makeup newbies who need a good, everyday palette, too! If you don't have it already, you need it in your lifestyle.