Ahem... Giveaway :O Full Sailor Moon Set + Dazzlesphere!

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So... I ordered a bunch of Dazzlesphere's from MAC and they ended up actually sending me two coral ones instead of just one :P So I have decided to do a giveaway/contest thingy!

1st Place - A full shadow set of the Sailor Moon shadows from my newest collection which I will link here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VictorianD... and the MAC Dazzlesphere in Coral. ($95.50USD Value)

2nd Place - Another full set of the Sailor Moon collection of shadows from Victorian Disco :3 (Also, if you do not like such bright colors you have the option to choose any colors you would like up to 14 shadows) ($63.00USD Value)

3rd Place - 5 full size shadows of your choice from Victorian Disco. ($22.50USD Value!)

How to enter?


Go here and fill out the Rafflecopter form: http://ilovewarpaint.blogspot.com/2...

Like Victorian Disco on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VictorianDi...

Follow me on Twitter - ThePandaSMASH or VictorianDisco (either or will be fine)

Post that you are entering the contest to win the Dazzlesphere and full size shadows on your Facebook/Twitter and link back to the Facebook page (by tagging or however)!

If you feel like you would like... you can enter a look inspired by Sailor Moon (any of the characters!)

This contest/giveaway is going to end the 20th of December :) The next day I will post the random winners on here and the facebook page and my twitter. You then must contact my email with your address and if you want different eyeshadows you have to let me know! Thank you!

I'm not exactly sure how to enter.I liked your fan page but I am confused about the post/comment. Are we supposed to post it on our fan page or personal page? And I tried tagging your page but it isn't working. I hope i'm not being a total ditz here xD

xD Well, you could copy the facebook address, then just post that... otherwise you just tag on Facebook like @Victo - If that doesn't work D:

Either or, fan or personal is fine :P I'll just be going and randomizing by tagged posts on the facebook page :D

I am not sure if I did it right, but I linked my entry to your fan page :)

It didn't show that you liked the page :P That might be why it wasn't working but that's just as good!
Thank you and good luck :D!!

That's odd because I did like the page, both with my personal account and my fan page haha. 

Odd! Maybe it's just being slow :P 

Dec 11, 2011

Dani P.

I entered. I think I did it right. I just @'d you in my post, so it's not showing up on your feed like Kassie's, but hopefully you can see it.

Hopefully it didn't send you a million updates because it kept screwing up me tagging the post, and I had to delete and re-post several times. Facebook is a jerk.

Hmmm nope, it's not showing up. :< Maybe try to post on the wall? Facebook is being a meany face tonight!

Ok. Entered. :D Under Twitter and Facebook my user name is Zadidoll.


Dec 11, 2011


All entered ;) Fun fun!

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Glit...
twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/GlitterSkull...

this is such an awesome contest!! i hope i win!!! i hope i did it right?!

Yep Victoria, you did it just fine :) Thank you!

D: Then just post on both.

Dec 11, 2011

Amanda J.

I ENTERED!!! YAY!!! lol My name is Amanda Lynn Jensen (salamander) on Facebook, and on Twitter, it is Water2chick! ^.^ So excited!

Dec 11, 2011

Amanda J.

PS: Did I even do it right? O.o haha

@Maura - It's fine just you have to tag it :P By going like this: @Victorian then it should come up as long as you liked the page.

@Amanda - I don't see it but try doing what everyone else is, just tag it back so it comes up as a link or link it then let me know on the page :)

Boo :( Just post on the fan page then and on your page, should work out fine :3

Dec 11, 2011

Ashley K.

Entered. I'll throw one up on my fan page as well.

I had to set my status to Public in order to get it to show up from my personal page, so if you have privacy settings on your fb allowing only friends to see your status you might want to manually set the status as public :)

@Ashley K - That is probably what is happening :) Thank you!

Dec 12, 2011

Ash S.

entered! woots!

:D Thanks Ash! *jumps up and down*

Dec 14, 2011

Amanda J.

Adding le' tags! And links. Whatever you want to call them. :D So, hopefully this clears things up! ^.^ http://twitter.com/#!/water2chick andddd http://www.facebook.com/amanda.l.je... Daaar we go. Hopefully it worked! ^.^

>:D Yay I got it, you're entered! Thanks!

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