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The Holiday Tag :)
It would be awesome to see your videos, if you have them! Post them as a video response. :)

Hi everybody here is my latest video on youtube

Did a Candy Cane Makeup for the holidays!

Dec 02, 2011

Danielle D.

Hey Everyone!
This is my first video and it's the "what's in my bag" Please check it out and tell me what you guys think!

Thanks!! :)

Dec 02, 2011

Tinni N.

This is a tutorial of how to apply foil nail wraps... They are fun, easy to apply and last for up to 10 days without chipping so try them out girls!
Nail foils are a great fashion trend for your nails @

Dec 02, 2011

Tinni N.

You can make your toes the next hottest and best thing too. This is how to apply foil nail wraps to toes. See foils @

I made a new video ladies, oh btw I took the time to watch your videos and I loved it and I'm definitely subscribing!

I made a new series, called the Holiday Series where in I try to come up with looks perfect for this festive season each week. So far I've made 2 and if you guys could check it out it would mean so much to me x 

Dec 04, 2011

Cristina L.

HOLA! Hi Beauties!!
I just started my FASHION channel and I´m having so much fun doing it! Hope u like it!
Twitter: cristinitalm
Let´s be friends! And share our passion!

Here's my latest YT video, a Christmas party makeup tutorial! (:

Dec 07, 2011

Renee R.
I'm going to be uploading this look soon ... :)

Subscribed to all your guys' tubes: ) 

Dec 08, 2011

Taylor S.

I am currently having an INTERNATIONAL BATH AND BODY WORKS GIVEAWAY so don't forget to subscribe and enter! :) xo
GD|TOP|Bom (봄) - Oh Yeah Japanese MV inspired makeup tutorial.

Dec 09, 2011

Maria C.

Hello All. Here is my latest video, check it out.

Did a True Blood Inspired Look (one of four actually), think its a cute retro look too!

Hi! Here is my very 1st makeup haul and def one of my newest vids since I have just recently started myself!

Tutorial for this eye look :]
Plz subscribe & check out my blog

Dec 14, 2011

Nikki F.

My latest video on how I created the cheetah look in my profile pic! Hope you guys like!

How to pick your perfect mark foundation shade

My post didn't show up yesterday, so here we go..
My pink and gold look for New Years.

Jan 02, 2012

Danielle D.

Favorite products: December


Jan 04, 2012

Nikki F.

A zebra look, not really a tut but just a how I did it... lol

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