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Attention: All Up In Coming Beauty Guru's

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Jul 04, 2011

Lacey C.

I have followed everyone and am now working on subbing everyone on youtube and their blogs. Please do the same for me and let's make each other successful!

Awesome :) I'll definitely check out the channels.

Here's my channel:

My Blog:

Jul 06, 2011

M D.

I love checking out other people's blogs!

I also have a teeny tiny blog I started recently. :)


Jul 06, 2011

Erica S.

Don't really consider myself a guru, just a hobbyist/lover of makeup/beauty stuffs. :)

Either way, here's my youtube:
and my blog:

I've literally *just* started making videos/blogging about beauty/fashion so there's not much there yet but don't worry, I definitely plan on adding more. :)

Should I switch from to


Youtube :
Blog/Forum/Anything you can think of (as of now)

Wow, that's alot.

Jul 06, 2011

Grete T.

That's really nice to find out new YT beauty gurus :) I will watch through as much as I can right now :)

My channel is here: ( Remember, my first language is not English. I'm from Estonia :) )

Jul 06, 2011

Chrisanne D. I don't really have a blog so there's my YouTube channel :) I'll make sure to check out all of your channels and blogs! <3

Jul 12, 2011

Chloe A.

Please check out my channel :)

would be great if any of you can check out my channel -= ) I'd love to see all your blogs and videos as well

Jul 15, 2011

Chelsie S.

Heyy everyone I'm Chelsie and I'm new to makeing videos. I'm 16 and I love makeup, I also will be doing health videos as well as realationship videos. My channel is I will be checking out everyones channel. Also please subcribe but only if you like the videos(:

Jul 15, 2011

Charlee G.

This is a really good idea ;) Will check everyone's links out. My blog is xx

Jul 15, 2011

Alicia B.

What a great idea! I just started my channel (have one review and a what's in your bag so far) and I have SOOO many ideas of videos to post....I really hope you guys will like them :) is my youtube channel. I'm going to spend some time going through and subscribing to you guys :) 

Jul 16, 2011

Isidora J.

hello ! I have 1000+ subscribers :))

Jul 17, 2011

Marie G.

Hey! Im new to beautylish and have a beauty channel! Hope you can check it out :)

Jul 17, 2011

Sandra H.

Hi everyone! I would also like to share my channel. Hopefully you guys get to go and check it out!

Jul 17, 2011

Jeny W.

http://nejy-thebeautifullife.blogsp... Hey guys here is my blog please check it out!

I'm following all of you ladies now! It took me around 40 mins, lol!

Check out my blog, for makeup looks, high end reviews and giveaways!

Jul 17, 2011

Rachel M.

hey dolls! would love for you all to check out my beauty channel:)xoxox Rachel! <3

I am 4 fans away from 500 fans!!

Sep 07, 2011

Mariah C.

Hey Gorgeous Ladies!!!!!!! How are you all?? I hope you guys are doing GREAT! :) but I just wanted to share mi makeup channel with you girls, because I'm just so excited about the Lion King Series I'm doing! It's a series of makeup tutorials inspired by some of the characters in the movie:D I'm having SO much fun doing these looks! I have so many ideas, I can't wait for you all to check them out:) so if you would go by mi channel and subscribe, it'd just MAKE MI DAY:) thankk you soo much!! <3333

I'll put a link to mi "Scar" look-

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