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Jun 25, 2011

Jen C.

I'm all about new blogs, or even small blogs.

I'm Jen, my blog is http://www.wildflower-beauty.com/, and my twitter is http://twitter.com/#!/WildflowerJen...

Follow me and let's chat. :)

Jun 30, 2011

Grace P.

I love checking out everyone's blogs! Mine is http://www.grace-and-beauty.com

Jun 30, 2011

Niki D.

I'm loving what I've seen so far, you guys are awesome!! <3

My blog is: http://jesseniaisabel.blogspot.com
Looking forward to checking out everyone's blog! ;D

Jun 30, 2011

Anita N.

Hey everybody! Here's my blog- all about nails: http://www.varnishedblog.com
Follow me @Varnishednails 

Jun 30, 2011

Jen C.

I'm looking at everyone's blogs as we speak!

Jun 30, 2011

Jackee M.

I love new blogs. I will definitely check all of these out. My blog is http://NeedAMakeupFix.blogspot.com

Feel free to stop by anytime!!

I'm also on Twitter - NeedAMakeupFix

Check out my blog!! Thanks!

Also on Twitter as well; @KristaLynn21

Jul 01, 2011

Gabbi D.

My blog is quite new~

Hi everyone! This is my blog: http://katiecuppycake.blogspot.com/

I have to be way more consistent with it though.. I'll try my hardest!!! =)

i just started one the other day so its off to a slow start...but i will blog as much as i can
looking forward to checking everyones out!!

BOO!!!!! I can't remember my password to my blog, and can't reset my password... I'll have to make a whole brand new blog and send out the link when it's up!!! =(

Jul 01, 2011

Rebekah C.

Hello all! I am a nerd who loves makeup and video games. Check out makeup blog where I review products and do looks. http://espermakeup.blogspot.com/
Twitter is twitter.com/espermakeup

Jul 01, 2011

Rachel B.

Hey All...I just started this blog about a month ago, so I'm looking for input http://makeupbyrachelbush.blogspot....

My twitter is twitter.com/glamourartist

Jul 01, 2011

Amy C.

Hi everyone! My blog is http://amazaballs.blogspot.com

here is mine its new but alot to come!!!!!! http://enviedbeauty.blogspot.com/

Jul 01, 2011

Anne T.

I love looking at other beauty blogs!! I see some really great stuff here :-)


Jul 01, 2011

Cassie J.

heres my little blog all the way from australia :)

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