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Oily Face Help?

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Jul 16, 2012

jen s.

i have really oily skin thats prone to acne.. ive tried everything from proactive to clean&clear to different face treatments. is there anything that REALLY works for you that i could try ?

Jul 16, 2012

Jables B.

I do believe this question depends on a lot of things including your age. What works for me only works for me because of my skin type, age, and body chemistry.
However, here are a few simple things that may help:
•run away from products that don't bear the label, oil free. It will limit what products you can get, but ALL of my products from primer to blush to concealer are oil free (except eye makeup)
•do not touch your face. Don't rest your face on your hands when you relax. Also, try using a hands free phone device if u notice u break out where u use your phone
•make sure you remove your makeup no matter what!
•try de slick from urban decay. It's a spray that freshens & sets your makeup without being Cakey like powder & minimizing oiliness
•Mark sure to hydrate w/ water. It helps your skin purge impurities.
•make sure to moisturizer (with an oil free product of course) if you deprive your skin of moisture it will paradoxically just produce more oil.

Jul 17, 2012

Crystal C.

yes i also used cetaphil as a moisturizer bc it wont clog pores. as far as for me i have combination skin. but i just ordered soap and glorys fab pore cloth and cleanser that has 5 stars suppose to be amazing and really draws out the makeup and impurities, i also heard of vinegar and water used as a toner. to reduce redness ive used hydrocortizone and really brought down my redness and also murad mask but its pretty expensive. drink water always wash your makeup off before you sleep. 

Jul 17, 2012

Elizabeth H.

this is a lot but this is all from personal experience. you'll laugh, but hemorrhoid cream will tone your face and even your face before a big event. daily - 1) do NOT be over aggressive with your skin. i know it seems counter-intuitive, however being aggressive with the skin asks the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum (the oil) to lubricate the skin from irritants. the part of sebum that sucks is that it can attract bacteria and pollen and other environmental stresses. don't pick, don't scrub every day, don't use the heaviest product out there (it's popular, but most people don't need it) and AVOID POPPING BEST YOU CAN. 2- for topical acne (whiteheads, blackheads) find OIL-FREE cleansers with SALICYLIC ACID. For cystic acne (that really red ones that don't come to a head or the ones that feel 40 layers below the surface) spot treat with a benzol peroxide (benzagel). you can also use benzagel on weeping acne. always use a toner and three step system - most effective i have found. 3 - diet is always a must. have your 8 glasses of water a day, and increase your zinc (i'm not a doctor, but you can talk to him about suppliments). but things like fish, nuts and dried apricots are great for the skin. i know this is hard for people, but put down the junk food. if you need chocolate, get dark chocolate and don't go overboard. if you love chips/crisps, limit yourself and try alternatives. if you love candies/bonbons, avoid synthetic sugars or just stick to fruit. this is nearly impossible for me to (i have digestive disorders and i still break the rules). 4 - acne is often caused by a bacterium that is already in the system - there are antibiotics that can help, but i believe in keeping things simple. your skin is as healthy as you are. drinking 8 glasses of water a day and zinc are important in eliminating toxins from your system. 5 - use a mask NO MORE than twice a week. again, don't be over aggressive. i suggest mud or clay masks (always oil free again) - clay naturally helps attract things like toxins, free radicals and excess oil from the skin. 6 - find a mineral base foundation and concealers. again, stay away from oil the best you can. and this next step also seems counter intuitive but trust me - 7- ALWAYS MOISTURIZE! i know, why would you add more? actually - oil is oil, moisturizer is water. if you dry the skin out too much, it will ask the sebaceous glands to produce more again. avoid every making the glands thinking they need to work harder. i know this is a lot, but i know for a fact it's how to deal. 

Jul 17, 2012

Elizabeth H.

ps jen, you're gorgeous to start with. keep smiling and no one will notice a blemish or shine. 

If you've tried everything, I'd suggest reading up on various oil cleaning methods. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but it works for me. I'm not strict with it because it's time intensive, but it's the only thing that I noticed made a big difference.

Jul 18, 2012

Lia S.

Blotting papers are a must for me, I use them a few times per day to blot excess oil without having to add powder. My faves are the green tea ones from Sephora.

I've been using Mark. Help Wanted Anti Acne Exfoliating Cleanser, which is gentle and creamy and doesn't dry my skin out. Then I apply Witch Hazel as my astringent, then I put on Mark. Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion.
My skin is soooo much less oily, it keep me matte all day and helps my makeup apply a lot better.
Also, every now and then I mix Baking Soda with Water and form a paste and use it as a mask for 10 min, this helps balance out the PH in your skin. OH! & 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel for spot treatment is good for those huge bumps that come up but honestly with my everyday skincare routine, my acne has cleared up quite a bit and I'm not worrying about my skin being oily.
I recommend Mark. Matte-Nificent Oil Absorbing Powder or ELF oil blotting sheets though to keep oil under control throughout the day.
Hope that sort of helps lol
and I'm a Mark Rep, so if you're interested in any products I mentioned, you can always ask me more about them or check them out online (

Jul 23, 2012

Joelle T.

i love the nars blotting papers they have several kinds, i use the oil control ones which come in a purple package, theyre great i ususally throw them in my bag or purse and carry them around with me all the time 

Jul 23, 2012

Lilly D.

Please dont waste your money on high end blotting sheets!! They all do the same thing regardless of what they promise! & the best thing for your skin(and body) is to keep hydrated and eat lots of colorful food(fruits & veggies) the more color in your daily diet the better! But definately don't skip the water or moisturizer! Trust me I didn't use it for years and I noticed a huge difference when I started using one. Try getting one targeted for oily skin (clean & clear has a great one with salacylic acid in it) do treat your skin to some deep moisture every now and then! Also look out for tea tree oil or products that contain it (tea tree is a natural antiseptic and excellent for break outs) and minty masks! They dry up pimples better than benzoyl peroxide(: hope that helped!!!!!

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